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Internet Explorer Version 7 FTP

Here is a great little tutorial on how to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using IE7.

You will need your correct id and password to get to your FTP site.

1. Open an IE window, in the URL box type, ftp.the name of your site ...like mine is dlconcepts.com so I type ftp.dlconcepts.com. You might see a flashlight searching and then a box will pop up asking for your login and
password like this...

2. Type in your User Name and Password that is provided by your site host. You can chose to have IE remember your information by checking the "Save Password" box but I personally don't like doing this because I tend to
change my information from time to time and I also have different directories and passwords I use for my site at times. Click on the Login button when you have your information typed in.

3. You should see something like this really ugly page that always scares people...

Click for larger view.

3a. Once you have successfully completed step 3, guess what... For some reason (the answer known only to Microsoft) you have to provide your user name and password again. I'm not making this up it's true.

4. You may have folders such as the ones shown here, images and html files. They probably won't look just like these do but they will be close.


5. Once inside your site you can do lots of things, in a blank area on the page right click, you see a choice of things you can do from arranging your icons, to adding a new folder (put your mouse on the arrow beside New and you'll see folder pop out, click on it and type in the name you want your folder to be, then hit the enter key). It's just like using My Computer on your own computer.

6. Now let's learn how to ftp an image/file to your site. Look on your hard drive and find an image or html file you'd like to upload to your site, with your mouse, right click on the image/file and chose "Copy" now go to the IE ftp window, right click on a blank space in your site and choose "Paste". You will get a box showing the file being uploaded.

7. Once the file is uploaded you can double click on it and it will open the image/html in a new window to show you what the image/html is and where it is found on your site. The URL will show ftp in front of the address, to share the URL with friends or to use in a page you will need to remove the ftp and add http://www. to the front of the URL.

8. You can also download your images/files too. To do this find the image/file you want to download from your site to your hard drive. Right click on it and chose, "Copy", Minimize your windows so that your desktop is showing, find the place on your computer you want the image/file to be, right click in a blank area and chose "Paste". You will get a box similar to the one above showing the image/file being copied to your hard drive.

9. As you have probably noticed using IE 7 to ftp works just like moving or adding files/folders to your computers hard drive once you get past the login and password area!

Note... when uploading an image/html to your site that the name already exist you will get a box asking you if you are sure you want to overwrite the file. If you click yes it will replace the existing file that is already there. No or cancel will stop the upload.

Also when uploading an existing file you might see two of the same named files list in your site directory, be assured there is actually only one, IE doesn't refresh the directory after you upload so at times it will show two of the same name but once you exit and come back you'll see only one!

That's it.

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